Back to the grindstone? Food processing in Marakwet Kenya

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 09.25.24

A new article by Anna Shoemaker, Matthew Davies and Henrietta Moore published in the Journal African Archaeological Review explores the history of food processing (and other substances) in Marakwet through various forms of grinding and pounding. The article traces the history of various food processing practices and particularly changes that occurred with the introduction of different varieties of maize and the introduction of diesel powered flour mills. The article also considers changing communities of practices from more communal forms of crop plant processing to more individualistic/household processes and also differences within the Kerio Valley between the Marakwet and the Pokot. The article also usefully inventories the different substances, especially food plants processed using grinding stones in Marakwet. The full article can be accessed here.  

Various grinding stones in Marakwet

Various grinding stones in Marakwet


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