This website archives and disseminates a range of research materials related to the Marakwet community of north-west Kenya. The Marakwet are part of the Kalenjin group of communities and inhabit the northern parts of the Kerio Valley and the north-eastern parts of Kenya’s western highlands. The community retains a vibrant and dynamic culture and history, both retaining  traditional elements while also incorporating many new ideas and innovations. The community is particularly notable for it’s intensive irrigation technologies based on an impressive network of pre-colonial irrigation furrows, alongside it’s colourful ceremonies, material culture and dress.

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Over the last century numerous officials and researchers have written about the Marakwet, each contributing to a rich store of knowledge about the community, its cultural history, social practices, ecology and economy. However, these sources of information remain largely un-compiled and are often difficult to locate and access. At the same time, few studies have actively sought to present research back to the Marakwet community so that it may be drawn upon by the community itself. This website has developed out of ongoing research conducted by Professor Henrietta Moore (University College London, Institute for Global Prosperity) and Dr Matthew Davies (University College London, African Studies Research Centre) under the auspices of the ‘Marakwet Heritage Project‘ and in conjunction with the Marakwet Research Station and the British Institute in Eastern Africa. The website will both communicate and disseminate current research findings as well as archive and disseminate older research reports. At the same time we encourage greater local input into these research practices via the soliciting of comments, suggestions and queries from members of the Marakwet community themselves. The website is currently under development and will hopefully develop into an interactive on-line archive.

Please explore our archives by following the links from the archives tab above. You can also see news and updates on the posts page and learn about project participants and associated networks by exploring the links above.

Further information can be found by contacting Dr Matthew Davies in the first instance.


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