The Marakwet inhabit the northern parts of the Kerio Valley in northwest Kenya. The Marakwet Research Station forms the hub for the ongoing Marakwet Heritage Project and is located in Tot-Sibou Village in the northern part of Marakwet terretory (see map below). More detailed map  and location information can be found via the Landscape and Maps archive page.

Marakwet location map

The Marakwet Heritage Project is directed by Professor Henrietta Moore and Dr Matthew Davies at University College London (UCL). The UK hub of the project is the Institue for Global Prosperity at UCL. The Project is also strongly affiliated to the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) and forms part of the broader African Farming research network. More information on the Project participants can be found via the People page.

In the first instance project enquiries can be made to Dr Matthew Davies.


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