Marakwet Research Station

Much of the data presented on this website was collected by members of the Marakwet Research Station and the station provides the core research facilities and staff on which this website and the Marakwet Heritage Project are based. The Station is situated in Tot-Sibou Village in the Kerio Valley, northwest Kenya (see location map). The Station has emerged out of longstanding interdisciplinary research led by Henrietta Moore and Matthew Davies in collaboration with the Marakwet community and now offers a unique centre for the conduct of humanities and social science based research in a rural African setting.


The Station is run by Mr Timothy Kipkeu (Director) and Ms Helena Chepto (Assistant Director), alongside a well trained team of local research assistants, and with the help of the British Institute in Eastern Africa. The Marakwet research team are highly experienced in interview and oral historical research, audio-recording, photography and filming, GPS mapping, and translation and transcription. Research assistants regularly work independently and can communicate with external researchers via local mobile and 3G internet networks. To date the research team have worked independently on a wide range of topics including mapping of landscape features (field systems, land-tenure, irrigation features), issues of cropping and farming practice, mapping of social and ceremonial landscapes, recording of oral histories, recording of ceremonies and public events, recording of political events and speeches, surveys of market trends, and arrangement of interviews and focus groups.

In addition to research assistants and guides the Station can provide a research base, local cooks and some logistical equipment on arrangement. The Station can also advise on appropriate local research strategies, goals, aims and objectives, as well as local sensibilities, standard rates of pay/remuneration, and logistics.

The Station is able to support research projects who would like to operate in the Marakwet region and further information can be gathered by contacting Mr Humphrey Mathenge in the first instance.

Research centre staff include:

Nelson Bailengo

Florence Cheptum

Willy Chukor

Sammy Kimwole

Felix Krellkut Kiptoo

Noah Kiplagat Rutto


One thought on “Marakwet Research Station

  1. Congratulations for the archaeological research work in Marakwet. I am an MA (archaeology) student at kenyatta University. Now developing my proposal. I hope you people can assist me with field work ideas. Thanks. Elly Boit.

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